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Valentine's Day special featuring Jim Henson's Muppets and special guest star Mia Farrow. Muppet character Wally has writer's block and can't think of material for the show that conveys the true meaning of love, so he asks the other Muppets and Farrow for assistance. Included are the following musical highlights: the Muppets perform the opening number, "Love is a Simple Thing"; Farrow and Thog, a huge Muppet monster, perform a duet rendition of "Real Live Girl"; Farrow sings a ballad to Rufus the Dog; and the entire cast sings "We Got Love". In other highlights, Kermit reports from the planet Koozebane on the love rituals of space aliens, and Crazy Donald repeatedly blows up the set with little provocation.
Birkenfield, Diana; Juhl, Jerry; Ross, Jerry; Henson, Jim; Farrow, Mia, 1945-; Oz, Frank; Nelson, Jerry, 1934-; Hunt, Richard, d. 1992; Lovelady, John; McGeorge, Nancy; Henson, Jane; Lewis, Bonnie; Sahlin, Donald G; Wilcox, Caroly; Fazakas, Faz; Love, Kermit; Goelz, Dave
Jim Henson Television
Television specials; Puppet television programs
American Culture; Performing Arts, Music; Muppets (Fictitious characters); Kermit the Frog (Fictitious character)
North America; United States of America
The Jim Henson video collection at the University of Maryland
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026 minutes; color

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Muppet puppeteers, Frank Oz, Jerry Nelson, Richard Hunt, John Lovelady, Dave Goelz, Nancy McGeorge, Jane Henson, Jim Henson ; puppets by, Bonnie Lewis, Donald Sahlin, Caroly Wilcox, Franz Fazakas, John Lovelady, Dave Goelz, Kermit Love.
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Catalog Key: umd:1063; Catalog Key: alephsys003291815; Catalog Key: HENSON 022; Handle Identifier: hdl:1903.1/370

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