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Preparing the way for Jesus describes the political and religious realities in Judea during King Herod's reign. Discusses the background of the city of Caesarea, Judas the Galilean's rebellion, the fortress of Masada, the Pharisees and Sadducees, the Essenes at Qumran and the Dead Sea Scrolls, and the activities and execution of John the Baptist. Jesus: from carpenter to preacher examines Jesus' birth, his parents, his career as a carpenter, and his allegedly dissident preaching. Explores the cities of Tiberias, Sebaste, and Bethlehem. Jesus gathers a following focuses on Jesus' recruitment of disciples from fishermen along the Sea of Galilee, his relationship with Simon and Andrew, the growth of his popularity, his preaching in Jerusalem, and his raising of Lazarus from the dead. Discusses archaeological information on a 1,900 year-old fishing boat, the recently discovered village of Bethsaida, and the city of Capernaum and its synagogue. The last and first days of Jesus investigates Jesus' presence in and around Jerusalem during Passover, focusing on his allegedly seditious activities, his arrest in the garden of Gethsemane, his trial at the palace, and his execution by crucifixion. Explores the remains of a money-changers' shop and the Great Temple.
Cash, Tony; Robinson, Tony
CTVC (Firm); Films for the Humanities & Sciences (Firm)
Religion; Religion, Philosophy; Bible
North America; United States; New Jersey
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