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(1) The Senate ratified a limited nuclear test ban treaty, 80-19, after weeks of committee hearings and Senate debate. Reactions from Defense Secretary Robert McNamara, Senators J. William Fulbright, Frank J. Lausche, Margaret Chase Smith, and Thomas Kuchel (9/24). (2) Sen. Norris Cotton (R-NH) supports Barry Goldwater for the presidential nomination (3 cuts, 9/24). (3) Joseph Valachi, a low-ranking member of the New York-based Genovese crime family, was the first ever government witness to come forward from the American Mafia (5 cuts, 9/27). (4) Mobster Joseph Valachi, facing television cameras, continues his testimony, revealing secrets of Cosa Nostra, "This is my doom" (10/1). (5) Mobster Joseph Valachi, facing television cameras, continues his testimony before the Senate rackets committee, describes murder of Giuseppi Massaria (10/2). (6) Sen. Abraham Ribicoff (D-CT) remarks that Valachi had identified the wrong Bobby Doyle as a killer (10/2). (7) President Kennedy signs nuclear test ban treaty, "Today the fear is a little less and the hope a little greater" (10/7). (8) Rep. E. Ross Adair (R-IN) opposes the sale of American wheat to the Soviet Union (10/7). (9) President Kennedy signs the nuclear test ban treaty, "What the future will bring, no one of us can know" (10/7). (10) Mobster Joseph Valachi describes the death of New Jersey underworld boss Willie Morelli to the Senate rackets committee (10/9). (11) Lord Home, British foreign secretary, reads Prime Minister Harold Macmillan's resignation letter to Tory Party convention (10/10). (13) Soviet Foreign Minister Andri Gromyko speaking (with translator) at the White House after meeting with President Kennedy (10/10).
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