Voice cuts: Melvin R. Laird

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(1) President Lyndon Johnson remarks at the swearing-in of Dr. Robert C. Weaver, the first African American Cabinet member, as head of HUD (1/18). (2) Robert McCloskey, spokesman for the State Department, on the expulsion of U.S. correspondents from Indonesia (1/18). (3) While in orbit in Gemini 6, astronaut Walter Schirra reported sighting an object in low polar trajectory and then played "Jingle Bells" on his harmonica (12/16/1965). (4) Sen. Everett Dirksen (R-IL) announces renewed drive against Supreme Court ruling that both houses in state legislatures must be apportioned based on population (1/19). (5) President Johnson urges Congress to approve a $12.8 billion supplemental budget (1/19). (6) Vice President Hubert Humphrey to meet with county managers on various federal aspects of aid to counties (1/19). (7) Paul Jennings, president of the International Union of Electrical Workers, announces IUE's program to raise dollars to build refugee villages in Vietnam (4 cuts, 1/20). (8) Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-MA) pledging support for the IUE project (7 cuts, 1/20). (9) Robert McCloskey, State Department press officer, on the reported suicide of Newcomb Mott, an American jailed for crossing the Soviet border without a visa (1/21). (10) Rep. Melvin Laird (R-WI) comments on President Johnson's budget (7 cuts, 1/24).
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