Remarks concerning publication of Valachi memoirs; NATO Solidarity

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(1) Glen Arbor, Michigan high school students are guests in Washington after raising funds to help a classmate with cancer; praised by Michigan Sen. Philip A. Hart (6/20). (2) Secretary of State Dean Rusk, speaking in Paris, on the future of North Atlantic solidarity (6/20). (3) The Food and Drug Administration bans interstate shipment of the “Micro-Dynameter” A public health official describes the concerns of FDA Commissioner George P. Larrick (6/21). (4) James E. Wolfe, chief railroad Industry negotiator, announces that mediation talks with five on-train brotherhoods have broken off (4 cuts, 6/22). (5) Rep. Phil Weaver (R-NE) explains why he voted in favor of the administration's defeated farm bill (6/22). (6) Sen. John L. McClellan (D-AR), head of the Senate Investigations subcommittee, opening hearings on the Billie Sol Estes scandal (6/26). (7) Sen. Karl E. Mundt (R-SD), committee member, on the Estes hearings (6/26). (8) Exchange between Bundt and Sen. Edmund Muskie (D-ME) over the Estes hearings (6/26). (9) Paul E. Kamerick, assistant counsel to the Senate Investigations subcommittee, predicting outcome of the Estes hearings (6/26). (10) Exchange between Senators Bundt and McClellan and Horace D. Godfrey, Administrator, head of the Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service, over the actions of Emery E. Jacobs, assistant to Godfrey (6/28). (11) Agriculture Secretary Orville L. Freeman testifying during the Estes hearing (6/28). (12) Freeman comments on the nation's farm problems (6/28). (13) George L. Singleman, executive secretary of the New Orleans (White) Citizens Council, on the “Reverse Freedom Rides” sending Negroes to northern cities, including Washington, DC (5/1). (14) Sen. Carl Hayden (D-AZ), and Sen. Richard B. Russell (D-GA) remark on a special senate-house committee to resolve financial feud (7/6)
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