Jim Henson’s Muppet Babies: Comic capers

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The Muppet Babies are disappointed when they realize that Nanny isn't available to read the Sunday comics to them, so they use their imaginations to create stories to go with the pictures. The Babies appear in various animated strips, including "Peanuts" and "Spiderman", featuring Rowlf as "Spiderdog" and Skeeter as "Spidergirl". Reluctant to clean up the hallway, Gonzo imagines that he is "Space Cadet Gonzo", and encounters alien creatures in outer space.
Swerdlove, Larry; Henson, Jim; Scott, Jeffrey, 1952-; Bowman, Richard; Smith, Roy Allen, 1954-; Richardson, Bob; Saroyan, Hank; Billingsley, Barbara; Berg, Greg; Coulier, Dave; Leigh, Katie; O'Brien, Laurie; Taylor, Russi; Welker, Frank; McKay, Sindy
AKOM Productions; Marvel Productions; Jim Henson Television
Television programs for children; Animated television programs
American Culture; Performing Arts, Music; Muppets (Fictitious characters); Kermit the Frog (Fictitious character); Fozzie Bear (Fictitious character); Piggy, Miss (Fictitious character); Spider-Man (Comic strip)
North America; United States of America
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