Voice cuts starting with John F. Kennedy warning Cuba on aggression

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(1) Excerpt from President Kennedy's "Cuba quarantine" speech (10/22). (2) Senator George A. Smathers (D-FL) gives his opinion of Kennedy’s Cub speech (10/22). (3) Adlai Stevenson speaking to the UN on the question of membership for Communist China (10/22). (4) People-on-the-street interviews in Chicago about the Cuban crisis (10/23). (5) Mike Levine and Pittsburgh reaction to the President’s actions on Cuba (10/23). (6) Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara makes a statement and answers reporters’ questions on the Cuban blockade (4 cuts, 10/24). (7) Senator Thomas H. Kuchel (R-CA) on support of President Kennedy's action in Cuba (10/24). (8) Nikita Khrushchev’s reply to a telegram from Bertrand Russell (Radio Moscow, 10/24. (9) Senator Dirksen expresses his opposition to a summit conference on the Cuban situation (2 cuts, 10/25). (10) Senator Kuchel (R-CA) has a press conference on Cuba (10/24).
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