Ralph Nader; Senator J. William Fulbright; Gerald R. Ford; Robert Scalapino;[...]

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(1) Defense Secretary Robert S. McNamara talks to reporters after his appearance before the House Foreign Affairs committee. He says that there is no threat to the nation's security from the use of four home-based Army divisions for training new troops. He is also asked about NATO and the threat to Thailand from Communist China (3/30). (2) Sen. Robert F. Kennedy (D-NY) on the need for strong auto safety legislation (4 cuts, 3/30). (3) Robert A. Scalapino of the University of California testifies before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee about Communist China (3/30). (4) Rep. Adam Clayton Powell (D-NY), chairman of the House education and labor committee, asks for $7 billion for anti-poverty programs (3/30). (5) President Johnson on finding budget cuts; announces the appointment of Walt W. Rostow and Robert E. Kintner as new special assistants; asks the nation to curb spending (3/31). (6) Rep. Gerald Ford (R-MI) says the Johnson administration "does not have the wish nor the wit nor the will to reduce expenditures, hence it must increase taxes" (3/31). (7) Sen. Everett Dirksen (R-IL) says it's hard to tell whether the administration was "misinformed, misguided or simply mystified" (3/31). (8) J.E. Wolfe, chief railroad negotiator, hopes the union will not defy an antistrike order (3/31). (9) Ralph Nader, author of "Unsafe at Any Speed," testifies at auto safety hearings (3/31). (10) Spokesman Fran Smith explains the purpose of the 90 African Americans from Mississippi who camped in tents across the street from the White House (4/3). (11) Secretary of State Dean Rusk and Sen. J. William Fulbright (D-AR), chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, talk with reporters after a closed session of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee (4/4). (12) Sen. Wayne Morse (D-OR) expresses his strong opposition to Vietnam war policies (4/2). (13) President Johnson asks the nation to curtail spending as he is putting off construction of "two little rooms" at his home in Texas (3/31). (14) Defense Secretary Robert S. McNamara responds to the charge that some military units are not combat ready (3/31). (15) President Johnson remarks at a ceremony honoring Mona M. Dayton as "Teacher of the Year" (4/5). President Johnson remarks on cost reduction achievements at the Department of Agriculture (4/5).
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