Voice cuts: Madame Nhu; John F. Kennedy; Senator Thomas Kuchel; Margaret Chase Smith

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(1) Rep. James Roosevelt (D-CA) on federal aid to school construction (10/14). (2) Rep. Oliver Bolton (R-OH) critical of First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy's use of Aristotle Onassis' yacht. (10/14). (3) President Kennedy welcomes Irish Prime Minister Sean F. Lemass to the US in the White House rose garden (10/15). (4) Sen. Thomas Kuchel (R-CA) on Sen. Dirksen's role in obtaining test ban treaty ratification (9/24). (5) Sen. Margaret Chase Smith on difficulty in deciding to oppose the treaty (9/24). (6) Clarence Mitchell Jr., chief lobbyist for the NAACP, remarks on compromise on the civil rights bill (2 cuts, 10/16). (7) Madame Ngo Dinh Nhu, sister-in-law of South Vietnamese President Diem (and de facto First Lady), speaking at the National Women's Press Club.  (10/16). (8) Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D-MA) on the financially troubled Northeast Airlines legal "stay of execution," permission to continue flying its Florida route for at least another six months (10/17). (9) New York Gov. Nelson Rockefeller campaigning for the Republican nomination for President in New Hampshire (4 cuts, 10/19). (10) President Kennedy welcomes Josip Broz Tito, Yugoslav Communist dictator, to the White House; anti-Tito protest in front of the White House (10/17). (11) Rep. William Miller (R-NY), chairman of the Republican National Committee, "I have been working full-time at something" (2 cuts, 10/23). (12) Rev. Fred L. Shuttlesworth of Birmingham, civil rights activist, interviewed by Tom Bryson via telephone (10/22).
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