Fraggle Rock: Preachification of Convincing John

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After watching how hard the Doozers work, Mokey decides that Fraggles should no longer eat Doozer buildings. Initially facing resistance to her idea, Mokey sets out to find Convincing John, who convinces all the Fraggles to take an oath never to eat Doozer constructions again. Soon Fraggle Rock is overrun with Doozer constructions and Mokey learns that the Doozers may have to leave Fraggle Rock because there is nowhere left to build. Seeing the error of her ways, Mokey releases all of the Fraggles from their solemn oath.
Clarke, Tim; Harms, Marianne; McNamara, Maria; Van Gilder, Amy; Kenworthy, Duncan; Henson, Jim; Juhl, Jerry; Parkes, Gerard; Nelson, Jerry, 1934-; Goelz, Dave; Whitmire, Steve, 1959-; Mullen, Kathryn; Prell, Karen; Hunt, Richard, d. 1992; Leeper, Patricia; Robertson, Gordon, 1917-; Mills, Robert; Fried, Myra; Armstrong, Lee; Stutt, Bob; Gosley, Tim; Wagner, Cheryl; Pattison, John; Vandenberg, Tom; Angus, Terry; Keating, Marian
Henson Associates; Canadian Broadcasting Corporation; Jim Henson Television
Puppet television programs; Television programs
American Culture; Performing Arts, Music
North America; United States of America
The Jim Henson video collection at the University of Maryland
Special Collections in Performing Arts
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025 minutes; color

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Muppet performers, Jerry Nelson, Dave Goelz, Steve Whitmire, Kathryn Mullen, Karen Prell, Richard Hunt, Patricia Leeper, Gordon Robertson, Robert Mills, Myra Fried, Lee Armstrong, Bob Stutt, Tim Gosley, Cheryl Wagner, John Pattison, Tom Vandenberg, Terry Angus ; Muppets by Marian Keating, Tim Clarke, Marianne Harms, Maria McNamara, Amy Van Gilder.
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Catalog Key: umd:1083; Catalog Key: alephsys003295405; Catalog Key: HENSON 032; Handle Identifier: hdl:1903.1/380

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