Ambassador. Nicolai Fedorenko; General Earle Wheeler; Frank Annunzio; Senator Abraham[...]

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(1) Ambassador Arthur J. Goldberg requests the UN Security Council to arrange a peace conference on Vietnam (2/1). (2) Translation of Nikolai Fedorenko, Soviet Ambassador, opposing UN debate on the Vietnam war (2/1). (3) Rep. Frank Annunzio (D-IL) remarks concerning proposals to publish the memoirs of Joseph Valachi, convicted murderer and Cosa Nostra mobster (2/1). (4) UN Security Council votes to approve the United States' request for a debate on Vietnam (2/3). (5) Voice cuts of Defense Secretary Robert S. McNamara and Gen. Earle G. Wheeler, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, on Vietnam policy (2/2). (6) Howard Pyle, president of the National Safety Council, describes ideal highway and auto safety devices (2/2). (7) Sen. Abraham Ribicoff (D-CT) and Charles M. Haar, assistant secretary of Housing and Urban Development, discussing the goals of the new department (2/2). (8) Defense Secretary Robert S. McNamara explains Vietnam bombing policy, limited to “military targets and military targets only" (2/3).
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