Hallelujah at Jacob's Pillow

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Lerman, Liz
Performance at the Doris Duke Studio Theatre, part of the Hallelujah residency at Jacob's Pillow in August 2000, including the premiere of "In Praise of Fertile Fields" created specifically for the Pillow. 00:00:00 - Detailed opening credits; 00:02:27 - "Gates of Praise," the standard prologue for "Hallelujah" stage performances, features core Dance Exchange ensemble and original score by Andy Teirstein; 00:24:07 - "In Praise of Animals and Their People" including Dance Exchange youth students and their fathers (who had travelled to the Pillow) as well as the All American Fly Dogs and their trainers, William Linné and Kevin Robair. Music (including Grieg, Ravel, Vivaldi, Tchaikovsky and the Boston DJs) arranged by Mike Vargas; 00:57:35 - "In Praise of Fertile Fields" drew on the archives of Jacob's Pillow, including the diary of Esther Miller (portrayed by Martha Wittman) cook at the Pillow in the 1940s and the written dance-notation-in-words of Ted Shawn's "Jacob's Ladder," as well as interviews with local gardeners. Martha Wittman choreographed the Chopin Berceuse section. Robert Een's original score is performed live by Een, Hearn Gadbois, and Ted Reichman. Production credits: Lighting: Michael Mazzola; Set: Lewis Folden; Costumes: Jane Schloss Phelan and Naoko Nagata. Video by: Carmela Vassor, Kate Engle, Primavera Rios.
Liz Lerman Dance Exchange; Dance Exchange Youth Exchange; Clancy, Adrienne; DiMuro, Peter; Dwyer, Thomas; Greenlee, Margot; Johnson, Elizabeth; Kast, Maggie, 1938-; McCourty, Penelope; Nakamura, Kazu; Thomas, Vincent; Webb, Marvin; Wittman, Martha; Een, Robert; Gadbois, Hearn; Reichman, Ted; Linné, William; Robair, Kevin
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Dance--United States.
Becket, Massachusetts
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