Voice cuts: Senator Henry Jackson; Senator Estes Kefauver; Christian Archibald Herter; Robert Finch

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(1) President Eisenhower on religion in politics, Soviet interference in the Congo, the United Nations, Congress (5 cuts, 9/7). (2) Sen. Estes Kefauver (D-TN) on drug firms and how they arrive at identical prices for antibiotics (low sound, 9/8). (3) Secretary of State Christian A. Herter on the failed proposal to allow U.S. reporters access to the Chinese mainland; dismisses as "ludicrous" Khrushchev's proposal for a summit meeting (9/8). (4) Rep. Chester Bowles (D-CT) says there is very little opportunity for recognition of Communist China (9/8). (5) Secretary of State Herter remarks "it would be idle to speculate" on what President Eisenhower will do at the United Nations, issues with new travel restrictions in East Berlin, on heads of government at the UN, restrictions on Khrushchev and Castro who may not leave New York (9/14). (6) Elizabeth Smith, Democratic committeewoman from California, says that Sen. John F. Kennedy's whistle-stop tour of the state "made political history" (9/14). (7) Sen. Henry M. Jackson (D-WA), chairman of the Democratic Committee, calls for an immediate investigation of the "anti-Catholic material now passing through the U.S. mails," calls on Vice President Nixon to repudiate Dr. Norman Vincent Peale's statements about the possibility of the church influencing Sen. Kennedy's presidency, says the issue of Cuba has "crystalized a lot of national discontent with our foreign policy" (9/14).  (8) Sen. Thruston Morton (R-KY), Republican national chairman, asserts that Jackson's charges about party involvement in the anti-Catholic campaign is politically motivated and "reprehensible" (2 cuts, 9/15).  (9) Rep. William G. Bray (R-IN) on the investigation of two young code clerks who defected to Russia (9/15). (10) U.S. Ambassador James J. Wadsworth, "The historic United Nations action in the Congo is at the crossroads" (9/15). (11) Sen. J. William Fulbright (D-AR) argues that Vice President Nixon is asking the Democrats "to join him in a conspiracy of silence" by asking for a moratorium on talk about the U.S. being weak militarily (9/21). (12) Comments from Herb Klein, Nixon's press secretary, and Robert Finch, Nixon's administrative assistant and recent campaign manager, after the election; Nixon intends to continue in an active political role (11/11). (13) Pierre Salinger reports on Mrs. Kennedy and the newborn John Jr., reads a message of congratulations from President Eisenhower.
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