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Former president Dwight D. Eisenhower speaks at a news conference in Washington, DC: (1) applauds JFK for firm foreign policy; (2) notes lack of enthusiasm or drive in the Billy Sol Estes investigation; (3) jokes about a dream that the 22nd amendment had been repealed; (4) remarks on public works spending (5/10). (5) Mrs. John Glenn, the astronaut’s wife, remarks on being chosen “Mother of the Year” (5/11). (6) Steuart Pittman, assistant secretary for civil defense, on fallout shelters (5/11). (7) Sen. Clifford Case (D-NJ) says Estes case must be investigated to the last detail (5/11). (8) Chicago man-in-the-street reaction to astronaut Scott Carpenter’s capsule missing after reentry, and after Carpenter’s rescue (5/24). (9) Eyewitness account of the wreckage of Continental Airlines jet that crashed near Centerville, Iowa (5/23). (10) Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, New York Mayor Robert F. Wagner, and President Kennedy on pilot anti-juvenile delinquency campaign in New York City (5/31). (11) Sec. of Heath, Education and Welfare Abraham Ribicoff: “We cannot say with certainty what health hazards are caused by fallout from nuclear testing” (6/1).
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