GOP is for youth; criticizes loose talk about US intelligence; measles vaccine

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(1) Defense Secretary Robert McNamara on Soviet flights over the USS Forrestal; on withdrawal of Soviet troops from Cuba; on anti-missile missile programs (2/28). (2) Secretary of State Dean Rusk says The U.S. has the choice of a nuclear test ban treaty with "a measure of risk" or the far greater risk of an arms race during a news conference (3/8). (3) Rep. George Mahon (D-TX), chairman of the House Military Appropriations subcommittee, denounces excessive talk about U.S. intelligence activities (3/7). (4) Sen. Everett Dirksen (R-IN), the Senate Republican leader, against Communist infiltration and subversion emanating from Cuba; against unlimited blockade against Cuba; against acts of war; Rep. Charles Halleck (R-IN), the House Republican leader, speaks against the Youth Opportunities Bill; Dirksen on how to cut a federal budget (3/13). (5) Sen. John L. McClellan (D-AR), chairman of the Senate Investigations subcommittee, to reporters concerning Assistant Defense Secretary Arthur Sylvester and Defense Secretary Robert McNamara at the TFX airplane hearing (3/20). (6) Sen. Joseph S. Clark Jr. (D-PA) backs up Sec. McNamara on the TFX airplane inquiry (3/15). (7) Lincoln White, State Department press officer, states U.S. opposition to "hit-and-run attacks on Cuba by splinter refugee groups"; tells reporters, "these groups… have no connection with the U.S. government (3/19). (8) Spokesman for the A&P grocery chain in New York announces tests on store-brand canned tuna (3/15). (9) Surgeon General Luther L. Terry announces licensing of two types of measles vaccine (3/21).
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