Voice cuts: Senator Jacob Javits; John McCormack

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(1) President Dwight Eisenhower on the trial for espionage in the Soviet Union of Francis Gary Powers; the need for action in Congress; the United Nations and the Congo; medical aid for the elderly (8/17). (2) Rep. Frank Kowalski (D-CT) on Powers' ten-year sentence and the possibility of a prisoner exchange (8/18). (3) Rep. Leslie C. Arends (R-IL) says that Powers' sentence is "extraordinarily harsh" (8/18). (4) Surgeon General Leroy E. Burney has announced that the Sabin polio vaccine, already in use in Russia, is approved for use in the U.S. (Les Higby, 8/25). (5) President Eisenhower remarks on Secretary of Agriculture Ezra Benson and the farm program; on the Monroe Doctrine – "by no means been supplanted… merely extended" – and the Organization of American States; on the religious issue in the upcoming election (8/24). (6) Rep. Clarence J. Brown (R-OH) on what Congress might get done before this session adjourns (8/24). (7) Sen. Gale W. McGee (D-WY) suggests that Republicans form a "Consequences Squad" as a companion group to their campaign "Truth Squads" (8/25). (8) President Eisenhower remarks that, while Vice-President Richard Nixon is a principal advisor, "no one can make a decision except me" (8/24). (9) Walter Reuther, United Auto Workers president, calls on the Kohler company to settle the six-year strike at its plumbing fixtures plant, rather than appeal the decision of the National Labor Review Board (8/26). (10) AFL-CIO president George Meany says that Republicans combined with the Dixiecrats are the real majority in Congress (8/26). (11) Democratic presidential nominee John F. Kennedy announcing his plan to consult "experienced authorities" on natural security problems during the campaign (8/29). (12) Sen. Vance Hartke (D-IN) comments on the post-convention session of Congress (8/29). (13) Rep. John Andrew Young (D-TX) comments on the post-convention session of Congress (8/29). (14) Rep. Frank Thompson (D-NJ) says the Republicans are distributing separate versions of its civil rights plank in the North and the South (8/30). (15) Sen. Jacob K. Javits (R-NY) on his efforts to get civil rights legislation passed before the congressional session ends (8/30). (16) Rep. John W. McCormack (D-MA) on the two former employees of the National Security Agency who defected to Russia, taking with them "valuable cryptographic information" (8/30). (17) Rep. Charles Halleck (R-IN) remarks on the "bob-tailed session" of Congress just adjourned – how farmers have been let down by the Democratic majority, on the Landrum-Griffin Act that benefits labor, on education and housing bills passed by the House that never went anywhere in the Senate (4 cuts, 9/1). (18) Sen. John F. Kennedy (D-MA), at a press conference, blames deliberate political maneuvering by the Republican leadership for the failure of the post-convention session of Congress, doubts that Richard Nixon wants his campaign "to hinge on a religious debate," remarks on Khrushchev's unexpected plan to head the Soviet delegation at the United Nations (9/1). (19) Remarks from U.N. undersecretary Ralph Bunch, just returned from the Congo (3 cuts, 9/1).
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