On Russian tests; statement on US atmospheric tests; John F. Kennedy on[...]

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(1) Jay W. Gildner, assistant White House Press Secretary, reads a statement on the Soviet Union's explosion of a 50-megaton bomb in the atmosphere, "a political rather than a military act."(10/30). (2) Adlai Stevenson, US ambassador to the United Nations, calls it "a solemn day" because of the Soviet Union's bomb explosion, "a great leap backward toward anarchy and disaster" (3 cuts, 10/30). (3) Several hundred women marched in front of the White House Mother calling for an end to the arms race. Voice cut of one "Marcher for Peace" (11/1). (4) Pedro San Juan, State department protocol officer, the nation's capital is not desegregated, "how can we ask anyone outside of Washington to do this?" (11/1). (5) Harry S. Truman's remarks at the National Press Club on the 13th anniversary of Truman's unexpected victory over Thomas Dewey (11 cuts, 11/2). (6) President John F. Kennedy on Russian tests, excerpt from statement on US atmospheric testing (11/2). (7) Women singing, peace marchers at White House (11/1). (8) Jerry Landay interviews a participant in the "Women's Strike for Peace" at the White House (11/1). (9) Sen. Hubert Humphrey (D-MN) offers his views on the Berlin Crisis (7 cuts, 11/6). (10) Vice President Lyndon Johnson on Rep. Sam Rayburn's (D-TX) death; rep. Robert R. Casey (D-TX) also remarks on Rayburn (11/16). (11) Democratic Party chairman John M. Bailey on the New York and New Jersey elections (11/8).(12) L.A. Fire inspector William D. Saunders, on the devastating Los Angeles brush fire, fed by high winds, heat, and low humidity (11/7).
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