Ars Antiqua de Paris Ensemble, visiting artist, February 17, 1970

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Ars Antiqua de Paris Ensemble
Estampie royale (Anon.); Estampie (Anon.); Chant de berger (Anon.); Domino (Anon.); Reis glorios (Bornielh, Guiraut de); Saltarello (Anon.); Recuerde (Mudarra, Alonso); Desciende al valle (Anon.); Variations sur la chanson "O felice ochi miei" (Ortiz, Diego); La lata (Torre, Francisco de la); Madre mia (Anon.); Din din rin din (Anon.); Rose lys (Machaut, Guillame); Plus dure que diamant (Machaut, Guillame); Piece pour due violes (Machaut, Guillame); Douce dame jolie (Machaut, Guillame); Douce dame tant com vivray (Machaut, Guillame); Dame de qui toute ma joie vient (Machaut, Guillame); Ma fin est mon Commencement (Machaut, Guillame); Sus un fontayne (Ciconia, Johannes de); Tant est de plaisir (Cordier, Baude); Mon coeur pleure (Fontaine, Pierre); Craindre vous veuil (Dufay, Guillame); Frog galliard (Dowland, John); Flow my tears (Dowland, John); Shall I sue (Dowland, John); Piece instrumentale (Morley, Thomas); Fantaisie (Dowland, John); Rogero (Johnson, John); Three balletti (Gastoldi, Giovanni). Instrumentation: recorder; harp; contratenor; viol; viola de gamba
University of Maryland (College Park, Md.). School of Music
Performing Arts, Music; Classical music; Art music, Western; Instrumental music; Vocal music
North America; United States; Maryland; College Park
Music, Dance, and Theater at the University of Maryland
Special Collections in Performing Arts
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University of Maryland School of Music Performances


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