John F. Kennedy; Senator John McClellan; Congressman Joe Martin on exploratory[...]

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(1) Rep. Joseph W Martin (R-MA) on the ailing Sen. Sam Rayburn's (D-TX) skill as a politician (10/5). (2) Rep. Hale Boggs (D-LA) on Rayburn's belief in the country's greatness (10/5). (3) Chief John Foley of the Gary, Indiana police department on Arbie Davis' killing spree at sheet metal plant (10/10). (4) Teamster President James R. Hoffa before the Senate internal security subcommittee, "man runs a calculated risk when he appears before a committee" (10/13). (5) Sen. John G. Tower (R-TX) opposes Yugoslav jet pilots training at Perrin Air Force Base in Sherman, TX (10/13). (6) President John F. Kennedy on exploring talks with Gromyko in Berlin; troops to Vietnam; "do you have a fallout shelter, Mr. President?" (10/11). (7) Teamster President Hoffa answers questions, "Is Harry Bridges a communist?" then argues with Sen. John L. McClellan (D-AR) (10/13). (8) Surgeon General Luther Terry says fallout from Soviet nuclear tests so far "does not warrant undue public concern" (10/13). (9) Eyewitness describes the Helene Curtis factory explosion in Chicago (10/18). (10) Secretary of State Dean Rusk says Soviet Premier Khrushchev's sharing of his Berlin crisis deadline "may serve to reduce tensions somewhat" (10/18). (11) Pakistan camel driver Bashir Amad, camel driver from Pakistan, touring the U.S. at the invitation of Vice-President Lyndon Johnson, comments (through translator Saeed Khan) on "President Kennedy's smile" (10/20). (12) Daniel Murphy, of the Federal Trade Commission, heads investigation of deceptive fallout shelter advertising (10/20). (13) Secretary of Labor Arthur J. Goldberg, "hold wage and prices stable" (10/20). (14) Adlai Stevenson, 3 cuts on nuclear testing (10/19).
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