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(1) Sen. Styles Bridges (R-NH), chairman of the Senate Republican policy committee, on the hijacking of Eastern Airlines Electra to Havana, Cuba (7/25). (2) Sen. Homer E. Capehart (R-IN), a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, on the hijacking of the turbo-prop Electra to Havana (7/25). (3) Rep. William Edwin Minshall (R-OH), Americans should be building Civil Defense fallout shelters (8/2). (4) Rep. Martha Griffiths (D-MI) in opposition to the downtown fallout shelter plan (8/2). (5) Democrat Ruth Fitzgerald of Vienna, Illinois singing the song she sent to President Kennedy, "There'll be All the Denominations Up There" (8/1) (6) Sen. Homer E. Capehart (R-IN), reaction to the hijacking of Continental Airlines Boeing 707 from El Paso, TX (8/3). (7) Richard L. Roudebush (R-IN), reaction to El Paso jet hijacking (8/3). (8) Sen. Mike Monroney (D-OK) on hearings about anti-hijacking legislation in the Senate Aviation subcommittee (8/3). (9) Federal Aviation Administrator Najeeb E. Halaby explains the scope of the new anti-hijacking bill (8/4). (10) Leonard Gilman, a border patrolman who overcame one of the hijackers, describes the younger of the two, Cody Bearden, 16 (8/4). (11) Gilman explains why Leon Bearden, 38, and his son Cody wanted to go to Cuba (8/4). (12) Gilman tells how he and FBI agents subdued Leon Bearden (8/4). (13) Voice of Russian cosmonaut Maj. Gherman Titov as he passes over Pittsburgh in Vostok II (8/7). (14) Rep. James G. Fulton (R-PA) feels "the United States and the free world must step up its space program" (8/7). (15) Rep. Clement J. Zablocki (D-WI), reaction to Khrushchev's "most recent, belligerent speech" (8/7).
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