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(1) President Lyndon Johnson names Jack Hood Vaughn, formerly assistant secretary of state for inter-American affairs, to head the Peace Corps (1/17). (2) Attorney General Nicholas Katzenbach on discussion of 4-year congressional term amendment; abolition of electoral college (1/17). (3) Defense Secretary Robert S. McNamara on President Johnson 's discussion of Vietnam-oriented buildup in the Department of Defense budget (1/17). (4) Treasury Secretary Henry Fowler on fiscal changes caused by Vietnam and domestic spending (1/17). (5) William C. Porter, deputy ambassador to South Vietnam, conferred with President Johnson and then told reporters the President is sending high-level groups to Vietnam to help solve agriculture, education, and public health problems. Porter oversees coordinating nonmilitary assistance (1/17). (6) New Jersey Gov. Richard Hughes rebukes efforts by local Democrats to promote Jacqueline Kennedy as a candidate for the Senate (1/17). (7) Gen. Wallace M. Green Jr., commandant of the Marine Corps, tells a press conference about the tactics of the Viet Cong (1/17). (8) Rep. John W. McCormack and Sen. Mike Mansfield after meeting with President Johnson on the Agency for International Development, proposed 4-year House term, and the Asian Development Bank bill (1/17).
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