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(1) Pakistan camel driver Bashir Amad, touring the U.S. at the invitation of Vice-President Lyndon Johnson, answers reporters' questions (with the aid of a translator) at the White House (10/20). (2) Wilhelm Grewe, West Germany's Ambassador to NATO and professor of international law, remarks on the Soviet Union's superbomb explosion, the need for the Berlin Wall to come down, and downgrades any dispute between France and Germany (10/24). (3) Robert J. List, meteorologist with the U.S. Weather Bureau, remarks on possible fallout effects from the first Russian superbomb (10/21). (4) Ambassador Wilhelm Grewe, "I'm not optimistic for a Berlin settlement" (10/24). (5) Spokesman for the Atomic Energy Commission AEC spokesman announces that the Soviet Union had conducted two nuclear detonations in the atmosphere (9/14). (6) Civil Aeronautics Board spokesman on the crash of a commercial airplane just south of Richmond, VA (11/8). (7) Sen. Paul Douglas (D-IL) on the legality of closing East Berlin (10/27). (8) Jim Snyder interviews Assistant Secretary of State Harlan Cleveland on "sports reporting" of the Cold War (10/24). (9) Sen. Wayne Morse (D-OR) reaction to the Soviet Union's 50 megaton bomb, "a sad house in the history of mankind" (10/30). (10) Public Health Service "does not expect increases in radioactive fallout from the recently announced multi-megaton tests of the Soviet Union… until next Spring," spokesman says (10/12). (11) Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko (and translator) at White House after meeting with President Kennedy about the Berlin Crisis (10/6). (12) White House Press Secretary Pierre Salinger reads White House statement on the situation in Laos after discussion with Gromyko (10/6).
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