Harry S. Truman; Nikita Khruschev; President Syngman Rhee Comments on Khruschev and Berlin

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(1) Pope John's Easter message expressing sorrow for those suffering because of race or denial of civil rights (4/14). (2) Sen. Vance Hartke (D-IN) questions the safety of the Electra airplane (4/18). (3) Rep. Morris Udall says President Eisenhower shouldn't go to Korea (4/21). (4) Sen. John F. Kennedy (D-MA) remarks on religion in politics (5 cuts, 4/21). (5) French President Charles de Gaulle, on a visit to Washington, DC, remarks (via translator) on Sen. Kennedy, Berlin, Germany (4 cuts, 4/23). (6) Labor Secretary James P. Mitchell on summit conference between labor and management recommended by President Eisenhower (4/26). (7) President Eisenhower speaks to reporters on Vice President Nixon, ousted Korean President Syngman Rhee, the Paris summit, religion in politics, health insurance (4 cuts, 4/27). (8) Rep. William S. Moorhead (D-PA) and the 250 million dollar area redevelopment bill (4/28). (9) Sen. Clair Engle (D-CA) on Nixon as a substitute for Eisenhower at the upcoming summit conference (4/28). (10) Former President Harry S. Truman on foreign aid (4/28). (11) Rep. Otto Passman (D-LA) on President Eisenhower's farm aid (5/3). (12) Arthur S. Fleming, secretary of Health, Education and Welfare, on health insurance (5/4). (13) Rep. William H. Harrison (R-WY) attacks health plan for the aged (5/4). (14) Rep. James E. Van Zandt (R-PA) on the depressed areas bill (5/4).
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