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(1) President Lyndon Johnson speaking to several hundred Polish Americans in the White House rose garden on the 1,000th anniversary of Polish 1,000 nationhood (5/3). (2) Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-MA) urges the creation of a commission to reassess US-China relations (5/3). (3) Sen. George McGovern(D-SD) agrees the US should reevaluate China policy (5/3). (4) President Johnson on creating an 11-member committee on recreation and natural beauty (5/4). (5) Attorney General Nicholas Katzenback on fair housing, civil rights, Alabama primary, etc. (5/4). (6) Sen. Everett Dirksen (R-IL) to National Chamber of Commerce on school prayer, reapportionment (5/4). (7) Rep. James Martin (R-AL) probable opponent of Democrat Lurleen Wallace, wife of segregationist governor George C. Wallace, in Alabama gubernatorial race (5/4). (8) Christian Herter, former Secretary of State, on the National Atlantic Treaty Organization to a Senate subcommittee studying the alliance (5/5). (9) Michigan Gov. George Romney speaking to a conference of Republican women (5/5). (10) Attorney General Nicholas Katzenback says new criminal laws are needed as an answer to racial violence (5/5). (11) Barry Goldwater, former Arizona senator, Sen. John J. Williams (R-De), and Rep. Gerald Ford (R-MI) to Republican women (5/5). (12) Rep. Otis Pike (D-NY) on the credibility of Pentagon statistics on enemy casualties (5/5). (13) Christian Herter, former Secretary of State, on NATO, Atlantic unity (5/5). (14) Treasury Secretary Henry Fowler on economy, possibilities of tax hike (5/5).
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