Excerpts from address; advocates filibuster rule change; excerpts from state of union

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(1) Defense Secretary Robert McNamara announces plan to boost military pay an average 14.4% for active-duty servicemen and reservists, says "although the proposed increase is large, I believe it to be fully justified" (1/4). (2) House Speaker John W. McCormack (D-MA) statement advocating that the 15-member House Rules committee not be reduced (1/7). (3) Senators Hubert H. Humphrey (D-MN) and Thomas H. Kuchel (R-CA) statements on efforts to modify Senate Rule 22 governing filibusters (1/7). (4) Rep. Gerald Ford (R-MI) talks to reporters after being elected chairman of the House Republican caucus; Rep. Charles Halleck (R-IN), House Republican leader, also remarks (1/8). (5) Reaction by viewers to Da Vinci's "Mona Lisa," on loan from the Louvre in Paris, during its American debut at Washington's National Gallery of Art (1/10). (6) Billie Sole Estes, convicted swindler and bankrupt financier, gives a sermon at a Cleveland church. Estes, a deacon of the Church of Christ, is free on state and federal bonds totaling $130,000 (1/10). (7) Trevor Thomas, acting president of Pacifica Foundation of Berkeley (CA), testifies before the Senate internal security on alleged influence by communists (1/11). (8) Excerpts from President John F. Kennedy's State of the Union address (1/14). (9) Rep. Charles Halleck (R-IN), House Minority Leader, reacts to President Kennedy's State of the Union address (1/14).
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