Red China A Bomb; Khruschev fall; on GOP defeat; Robert McNamara on GOP election defeat (Goldwater)

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(1) President Johnson's Labor Day remarks in Cadillac Square, Detroit: his three goals – "prosperity, justice, and peace – the foundation of American unity"; nuclear responsibility (9/7). (2) Vice-presidential candidate Hubert Humphrey on his record of anti-communism (9/7). (3) Martin Luther King reacts to receiving the Nobel Peace Prize (10/9). (4) President Johnson reports on a cabinet meeting called to consider the replacement of Nikita Khrushchev as premier of the Soviet Union by Leonid Brezhnev, the explosion of a nuclear device by Communist China, and the need for stability in the U.S. (10/21). (5) Former vice-president Richard Nixon, speaking at a New York news conference, on GOP losses; he criticizes Nelson Rockefeller for refusing to work with Barry Goldwater; says the party needs unifiers, not dividers (5 cuts, 9/5.) (6) Defense Secretary Robert S. McNamara says the Chinese nuclear explosion does not require any change in armed forces plans, nor does the shake-up in Moscow leadership, no conclusions yet on massive study of Mainland shipyards then underway. (10/22). (7) James Farley, former Democratic postmaster general, on death of former president Herbert Hoover (10/21). (8) Soviet Ambassador Anatoly Dobrynin speaks to reporters after White House meeting with President Johnson (10/16). (9) Rep. Albert H. Quie (R-MN) remarks on the future leadership of the Republican Party (3 cuts, 11/10). (10) Dale Miller, chairman of the 1965 inaugural committee, interviewed about the preparations for the January 20 event (11/13).
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