Korean temple bells, Feb. 17, 1967

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KRAB Program guide listing: "A FESTIVAL OF BELLS. In commemoration of the signing of the Anglo-Korean Great Jurisprudence and Kayaguem Exchange Act of 1894, we wiII present three hours of Temple BelIs of Korea, interspersed with nothing more alarming than silence. Believe me."  

Former KRAB staffer Chuck Reisch recalls: Though the program was scheduled for 3 hours (8pm-11pm), there was material for less than half that time.  Robert Garfias had returned from Korea and Japan with (among other things) a boxed set of 10" LPs.  They contained recordings of temple bells punctuated with an announcement, in Korean, of the name of the temple in which the bell hung.  The notes from Garfias (KRAB Music Director at that time) included instructions to make a tape copy, which I did.  Normally, when we had time to fill we would choose something consistent with the music type and mood to fill the remaining time, but we had nothing similar in the collection.  So, when I realized the LPs would be insufficient to fill the slot, I simply played the tapes I had just made. The next morning when the program was repeated, the engineer failed to pay any attention to the notes on the box which stated the tape was spooled "Tails Out", and played the entire thing in reverse (it was a full track recording).  This story was told over and over, especially by Lorenzo [Milam], who added his own embellishments."
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