1962 GOP Campaign plans; Senate testimony; credentials as Ambassador presented

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(1) Sen. Paul H. Douglas (D-IL) complains about project approved by the Army Corps of Engineers in cooperation with the Indiana Port Commission (3/23). (2) Sen. Homer E. Capehart (R-IN) responds to his complaints, saying Indiana needs a “deep water seaport” (3/23). (3) Anatoly Dobrynin on presenting credentials as USSR Ambassador during meeting with the president (3/30). (4) Rep. Melvin Laird (R-WI) on 1962 GOP Campaign plans (3/1). (5) R. Conrad Cooper, chief steel industry negotiator, confirms that a settlement has been reached with the United Steelworkers (4/6). (6) Rep. George P. Miller (D-CA), chairman of the House Space Committee, remarks on the offer of free housing in Houston for astronauts (Jerry Landay, 4/3). (7) Lt. Louis Disney of the U.S. Capitol police argues with George Lincoln Rockwell, American Nazi Party leader, about to be ousted from a hearing by the Senate Armed Services Committee for wearing a swastika lapel pin (4/4). (8) Edwin A. Walker, retired Army major general, describes himself to the Senate Armed Services Committee as a “scapegoat” to the nation’s “no-win” policy towards the Soviet Union, then answers questions from reporters (4/4). (9) Tom Kelley of the Washington Daily News tells how Edwin Walker punched him in the eye in response to a repeated question (4/5). (10) White House spokesman Andrew Hatcher reads a “joint United States-United Kingdom statement,” sent to Soviet Premier Khrushchev, concerning nuclear testing (4/10). (11) Rep. Charles Halleck (R-IN) reads a formal statement from Republican congressional leaders charging President Kennedy with using “police state” tactics in dealing with the steel industry (4/19).
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