Congressman Sam Rayburn announces opening of Lyndon B. Johnson's Washington campaign headquarters; Lyndon B. Johnson best man for President

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(1) News story about Rep. William S. Moorhead (D-PA) and his urban renewal legislation. Cuts off in mid-sentence (5/12). (2) Sen. J. William Fulbright (D-AR), chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, remarks on agencies and individuals who comment publicly without the approval of the State Department; Secretary of State Christian Herter will testify (5/23). (3) Sen. Thruston Morton (R-KY), chairman of the Republican National Committee, criticizes the Democratic advisory committee on the U-2 summit, and Adlai Stevenson (5/24). (4) Rep. Charles O. Porter (D-OR) on legislation to prevent misuse of the American flag (5/31). (5) Unidentified member of the House banking and currency committee about the International Development Association, "very important to the future of the free world" (no date). (6) Unidentified announces the creation of a "Pennsylvania Citizens Committee for Johnson," supporting Sen. Lyndon Johnson as a Democratic presidential candidate (no date). (7) Rep. Sam Rayburn (D-TX) announces that the "Citizens Committee for Lyndon Johnson" will be headquartered at the Ambassador Hotel in Washington, DC. Oscar L. Chapman, former Secretary of the Interior, and India Edwards, former head of the women's division of the Democratic National Committee, will co-chair (2 cuts, 6/4). (8) Unidentified announces his support for Lyndon Johnson as a candidate for the presidency (No date). (9) Unidentified supports investigation into irregularities with the federal road program in Massachusetts (no date). (10) Secretary of State Christian Herter's remarks during a commencement speech at the University of Pittsburgh. He says secrecy is one reason why "a closed society is a danger to our world community" (6/8). (11) Unidentified reacts to the news that New York Gov. Nelson Rockefeller is running for the Republican presidential nomination (2 cuts, no date). (12) Sen. Kennedy, in a speech to the Senate: "The real issue facing the American people is how it's going to be possible to rebuild our strength and the strength of the free world relative to that of the Soviets, so that future negotiations could be fruitful" (3 cuts, 6/14). (13) Sen. Paul Douglas (D-IL) remarks the Defense Department could save from two to three billion dollars annually by correcting "appalling mismanagement and waste" in its procurement system (6/13). (14) Sen. Mike Mansfield (D-MT) states that President Eisenhower's cancelled visit to Japan "has nothing to do with the President's willingness to take risks for peace, to what can be done to cement friendly relations with other nations (6/17) (15) Ambassador Mario Amadeo, Argentina delegate to the UN, on negotiations with Israel about Adolf Eichmann (2 cuts, 6/23). (16) Paul Butler, Democratic Party national chairman, remarks on "the biggest victory that has ever been scored," on the religion issue, and on Nixon (6/23).
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