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(1) Dr. Leonard Sedov, prominent Russian scientist, says (via translator) the USSR will share their findings with the world (3 cuts, 4/12). (2) NASA spokesman says the Mercury program wanted to be the first to put a man in orbit but says it's more important "what happens in the long run" (4/12). (3) Rep. Melvin Price (D-LA) reacts to news of Russian manned orbit (4/12). (4) James E. Webb, head of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, "we're going to try to be first class in the things that are important to our program" (4/12). (5) Radio Moscow announcement of Vostok 1, the first human spaceflight (4/12). (6) NASA scientist Dr. Wernher von Braun's reaction to the Russian success, "a severe blow to our prestige" (4/12). (7) Pittsburgh man-in-the-street reactions to Russian space success (4/12). (8) Rep. Victor Anfuso (D-NY), "we can beat the Russians to the moon with solid propellant (4/13). (9) Rep. Emilio Q. Daddario (D-CT), this one orbit is an accomplishment that the US is not prepared to match (4/13). (10) Rep. James G. Fulton (R-PA) wants to invite Gagarin here (4/13). (11) NASA head James Webb, "our program based on a solid step-by-step process" (4/13). (12) President John F. Kennedy suggests changes in the structure of the United Nations (4/17). (13) Secretary of State Dean Rusk replies to Cuban charges of US involvement in the anti-Castro invasion of Cuba (4/17). (13) New York Gov. Nelson A. Rockefeller supports President Kennedy 's stand on Cuba (4/25). (15) Alan Shepard, Sr., from Derry, NH, has no fear for his son's safety as the first American to travel into space (5/1). (16) Mercury Control announces postponement of launch and announces Alan Shepard's selection as the astronaut (5/2). (17) Secretary of the Interior Stewart Udall denied asking a friend – Jack K. Evans, an oil industry representative – to solicit the oil and gas industry to buy tickets to a Kennedy fundraiser (3 cuts, 5/2). (18) Louise Shepard, wife of astronaut Alan Shepard, interviewed after his successful flight (5/5). (19) Former Vice President Richard Nixon says President Kennedy 's appeal for restraint from journalists was asking for self-censorship, decries a return to secrecy in peacetime, and adds "newsmen will cooperate when dealt with honestly" (5/9). (20) Sen. Frank Church (D-ID) on Cuban briefings… "can't send a corporal's guard to do an army's work" (5/2).
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