Voice cuts: James Conant; John Cooper; John F. Kennedy

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(1) Sen. Kenneth Keating (R-NY) remarks "Cuba is a school for subversion," "Violence is a tool for Castro," in response to questions from reporters, "I enjoy my work in the Senate" (4/12). (2) President John F. Kennedy on the activities of Cuban exiles and Dr. José Miró Cardona, president of the Cuban Revolutionary Council; on steel price hike; on Mississippi, "recognize the assets that come with the union as well as what they may feel the disadvantages of living up to the Constitution." (4/18). (3) Rep. Samuel S. Stratton (D-NY) remarks on military alertness in Guantanamo; questions the source of Sen. Keating's information about Cuba (4/23). (4) Lt. Commander Donald I. Keach, commander of the deep-diving bathyscaphe Trieste in Boston prior to the search for the sunken nuclear submarine Thresher (4/26). (5) President Kennedy, Labor Secretary W. Willard Wirtz, and James B. Conant, president emeritus of Harvard University, report on youth employment in the White House Rose Garden (4/24). (6) Sen. Thomas H. Kuchel (R-CA) on the response to his May 2 attack on extremist "fright peddlers" (5/28). (7) Air Force Maj. L. Gordon Cooper shares with Congress the prayer he kept with him during his 22 orbits of the earth (excerpt, 5/21). (8) President Kennedy honors Cooper, the youngest of the Project Mercury astronauts, at the White House; Cooper responds, Cooper remarks Congress on his capsule named "Faith 7" (5/21). (9) President Kennedy on the outburst of racial violence in Birmingham, AL (5/12). (10) Sen. Everett Dirksen (R-IL) criticizes President Kennedy's "New Frontier," foreign policies (5/31). (11) Sen. Hubert H. Humphrey (D-MN) remarks on civil rights legislation to be offered; echoes Lyndon Johnson on the Emancipation Proclamation; civil rights issues hurt us overseas; US Cuban policy is sensible; US won't pull out of Guantanamo; on test ban talks in Geneva (5/31).
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